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Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Car Accident Claim


Many people ask themselves whether an accident attorney is essential for any type of car accident. Some choose to ignore especially when damages are minor. They see no reason to call an attorney even when they are supposed to. Whatever the case, it’s crucial to hire an expert no matter the nature of the accident you are facing.

As a victim, you are going through a lot of pain from the injuries caused. As if that is not enough, you need to access proper medical treatment and ensure you get a fair settlement from the insurance company. All this can weigh you down quickly. This is the right time to hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to help guide you through the legal process.

When to run to an accident attorney

-When liability is vague

-During the settlement process

-When an insurance firm denies a claim

-Wrongful death

-Serious injuries among others

Benefits of hiring an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney

Legal Advice

You have many unanswered questions ringing in your head once you are involved in a car accident. Which insurance company will cater to my treatment bills? Who will pay for the car damages? Am I eligible for pain compensations? Where will I find a medical expert to handle my injuries? Only a professional accident lawyer will provide helpful information once you are involved in a car accident.


Remember Los Angeles is a tort state. This means irrespective of the nature of the accident, the faulty party must pay for the injuries and damages caused. The fault must be determined and the responsible insurance company must compensate the victim.


Like any other case, it’s wrong to discuss your case with other parties without an attorney. The attorney is your voice in addressing issues with any party involved in the accident.


There are situations when Los Angeles spinal cord injury lawyer accident reconstruction is required to help determine events leading to the accident. This way, you will be able to prove the faulty party in a court of law. An experienced accident attorney has all it takes to properly examine all circumstances surrounding the case.

Handling the Insurance Firm

Insurance providers have no intentions to pay for accident damages and injuries. They will do everything to minimize the chances of a successful claim even when valid. As a victim, you have no experience to negotiate with such skilled insurance adjusters. In addition, an insurance company may push you to provide statements which will weaken any chances of winning a claim. Having an accident lawyer will tell the whole difference in your case.

Prove Liability

Filing a claim is crucial the moment you are involved in an accident. However, proving the claim is another different case. Even when you on genuine grounds, it’s difficult to prove your case. No one is ready to take the blame despite being your right. A proficient accident lawyer will gather all the required evidence in order to build a strong argument for your claim.


Compensation entirely depends on the extent and severity of injuries or damages caused. A lawyer

knows how to evaluate the available evidence to ensure you get only a fair settlement.


In most cases, accidents are resolved at the pre-trial stage. This means they don’t require court hearings. However, you may have no understanding to handle such negotiations and this can lead to an undervaluation of the case. You need an accident attorney to help negotiate on your behave for proper evaluation of your claim.


There are complex situations when a claim goes up to the trial stage. An accident attorney is a must in order to defend your rights before the jury. Remember the insurance providers will be well represented by the best attorneys.

How to choose the best car accident, attorney

Get referrals

Referrals act as first-hand experiences. Ask for a friend or a family member to refer you a good accident attorney. They may have once hired the lawyer and knows them better.

Research online

If you are thinking any possible attorney, first do background checks of their services on a state bar association. Only qualified and certified lawyers will appear on this website. Go through their social media pages to find what clients are talking about their services.

Visit their official website

You can distinguish sham services from legit ones by visiting a lawyers website. A genuine website presents information in an organized and professional manner. The opposite is obvious.

Final word

Whether you suffer minor or serious injuries during a car accident, it’s important to hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer for legal help.