How To Get Fabulous Sleep Apnea Dentist On A Tight Budget

They just gasps for breath and they and they and they alarm the smoke but it’s amazing there’s a there’s an increased risk of high blood pressure strokes heart attack and type diabetes and it’s just amazing that the medical profession many of the doctors are not trained in sleep apnea.

Now the newer ones are but the ones that graduated years ago are not trained in this and of course in dental school we receive no training in this I don’t know of any dental school in North America or anywhere I’ve lectured that that teaches about snoring and sleep apnea we were all making snoring appliances years ago with no sleep studies.

Now I want to really warn you that that is very risky do not make an oral appliance for anyone who snores without a sleep study because they could get your license that’s that’s that’s below the standard of care so what does it cause well look marriage problems look at the poor sleep.

look atwork peg the workplace accidents there’s more accidents caused by sleep apnea than by drunk drivers it’s a huge problem I just saw on TV the other night where the air traffic controllers are falling asleep in the end this in the in the terminal or the air traffic control towers and planes are landing when these guys are sleep so now.

They’ve just passed the law there has to be two of them in the air traffic controller so that hopefully one falls asleep the LOBawake heart attacks huge huge numbers depression headaches all these problems all these medical problems coming from sleep apnea and eighty-five percent of the people.

That have sleep apnea are undiagnosed now this is where I got serious about this ten years ago in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine which are the physicians stated in that oral appliances are recommended first line option for patients with mild or moderate value and most of the patients are mild to moderate.

I will go through and tell you what mild Ahmad it is andthe definition in a little while so what are the causes and diagnose that the diagnosis must be made with either home sleep study and the one I use is called the Aries but there’s other home sleep studies out there that are available.

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