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Things You Didn’t Know About Used Cummins ISX

Closely at the mounting bosses and look for broken parts either on the cylinder head or where the engine or transmission mounts to the body inspect the oil pan and engine block for damage if you see holes or pieces sticking out of the side of it like this one it’s definitely not the engine for you if you see an engine with missing parts you might want to move on and look for another one another check is to serif you can spin the crankshaft by hand if you can’t spend the crankshaft by hand the engine probably can’t move another thing to do is pull the dipstick at the time I shot this video I’d forgotten that they remove.

All the fluids from engines and transmissions when they place them out in the yard-therefore you’re not going to be able to check any kind of fluid levels however you can look for discoloration or signs of contamination on the dipstick that could indicate a problem with that engine or transmission if you remove anvil cap and you see a crusty build-unlike this I say that’s an engine to be avoided another tip if possible pull the spark plugs out of the engine and have look at them if you see abnormalities and the spark plugs.

That’s an engine Tobe used cummins ISX avoided now looking at these plugs you see this one here how it’s darker than the rest and has a little bit of residue on it it’s probably burning oil or something I wouldn’t choose geoengineering automatic transmissions are a bit-more tricky they’re up underneath the vehicle and difficult to access one of the things you can do is pull the dipstick just like he did on the engine and once again inspect it for any discoloration burn fluid bad smells that type of thing but really automatic transmissions.

Are going to be a complete guess on your part is whether or not you want to use it so proceed with caution when it comes to automatic transmissions used semi truck parts you can do visual inspection of the outside of the transmission and look for leaks but once again you’re really just guessing when it comes to automatic transmissions there’s very little you have to go on with manual transmissions but you can get inside the vehicle move the shift lever around and see if it moves smoothly if it does well it.